NFT Marble Game — Upcoming IDO Project on Winery Swap

We are delighted to announce that NFT Marble IDO will be held on 23rd Jun 2022, 04:00 AM UTC on the Winery Launchpad. NFT Marble will become the strategic partner to launch its IDO on our DEX. It would be an opportunity for participants to gain DOZEN on Winery IDO launchpad. This article details essential information about our wonderful activity.

NFT Marble IDO will open 2 rounds: private pool and public pool.

Private pool: 04:00 AM UTC — 05:30 AM UTC, 23rd Jun 2022

Total Raise: 23,000 BUSD = 287,500 DOZEN

Buy max per investor: 250 BUSD

(Only accepted whitelist)

Public pool: 05:30 AM UTC — 07:00 AM UTC, 23rd Jun 2022

Total raise: 2,000 BUSD = 25,000 DOZEN

Buy max per investor: 100 BUSD

IDO link:

About NFT Marble Game Project:

NFT Marble — NFT Online Board Game

NFT MARBLE is an online board game on blockchain technology with simple play, combine of NFT and online board game, various tactics and different modes. You can gather friends, form a team, play board games with others and earn money with the skills. Strategic battles using various skills of the characters and dice.

How to join the game: NFT Marble users connect their Metamask wallet when they first sign up to the game. then using NFT Tokens to purchase battle tickets.

Game mode

  • Single Mode: This is a game mode where users practice with their characters and dice.
  • Battle mode: You must purchase and pay a certain amount of entry ticket to participate in the game. Profits are distributed based on the entry ticket according to the ranking. (Balance will be adjusted later). And about 10% of the total compensation fee is distributed to NFT city owner.

About DOZEN — NFT Marble tokens

Dozen Token is a Binance Smart Chain-based cryptocurrency that serves as the backbone of all economic activities within the NFT Marble Game. It is used to purchase and sell NFT cards You can get Dozen as a reward within the game.

Our goal for DOZEN tokens is to use our tokens as an economic incentive to encourage users to participate in in-game and blockchain ecosystem activities. To create a virtuous cycle of the economy through DOZEN tokens, DOZEN tokens are used for all transactions to ensure that game players interact with the NFT Marble game, we will establish a perfect transaction system in-game and maintain the service rules smoothly.

  • NFT Marble decentralizes all ownership and governance.
  • Ensures the sustainability and scalability of the game and blockchain NFT ecosystem.

NFT Marble Launch Timeline

Step by steps to join NFT Marble project IDO

Step 1: Go to the NFT Marble project IDO page by clicking here.

Step 2: Connect your wallet to Winery Swap by clicking on the Connect Wallet button.

Then, choose the Metamask wallet (or other crypto wallets that you are using).

*After connecting your wallet to the IDO of the project, if it is not in the IDO period, there will be a screen like this. Please come back later when the IDO is live.

Step 3: Then you can see the approve button appear, then click APPROVE.

Your wallet will ask you about the action, please confirm it.

Step 4: Buy Amount box appears after approval, you need to enter the amount of token you want to offer.

Next, click the BUY button.

Step 5: Confirm your transaction and wait for Confirm transaction notice from your wallet.

These steps will help you a lot to get started to join the NFT Marble project IDO. Wish you have successful transactions.

For more information and update latest news about IDO on Winery Swap, follow our community below.

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Winery Swap — Decentralized Exchange

Everything is fully automated and based on “open-source” computer programming code that can be viewed and used by anyone.

More information about how the IDO will work on Winery will be released as fast as possible.

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NFT Marble Project

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