Summary of the most prominent blockchain news of this week

This week, many prominent events in the blockchain field have taken place, attracting a lot of public attention. Winery will help readers summarize some of the most interesting news:

1. Italian government will provide $46 million in subsidies for blockchain projects

The Ministry of Economic Development of Italy has announced that they’ll invest up to $46 million for blockchain projects in specific sectors that are quality and qualified from September.

Companies and public or private research firms will be able to apply for funding from the government for the development of projects related to artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain technology.

According to the decree, companies of any size will be eligible to apply for subsidies provided the funds will be used for IoT, AI or blockchain in sectors including industry and manufacturing, tourism, health, the environment and aerospace.

2. The Queen was ‘interested’ in a blockchain journal she received in the post

“Queen Elizabeth II received a blockchain journal in the post and was “interested to learn that the publication is the first open-access blockchain research journal available both in print and online,” according to a letter from her office.

The Queen received a copy of the magazine’s sixth edition from The British Blockchain Association (BBA) and the queen appreciated the thoughtfulness by sending a letter of thanks from her private secretary’s office, as the Financial Times first reported.

Queen Elizabeth II is not the first royal to express an interest in cryptocurrencies. Also, Crown Prince Alois of Liechtenstein is equally concerned, in 2018, telling CNBC that digital tokens need more consideration in the future and can be used to make governance more efficient than in central Europe. However, he also noted that cryptocurrencies are still “very risky.”

3. France Could Deploy Blockchain Ticketing for Paris 2024 Olympic Games

There is a recommendation that France could focus on the ticketing system to support the Olympics. Based on blockchain technology, this kind of ticket will provide participants with additional security. Moreover, they should be non-transferable and sent by an organization a few days before the start of the event.

Tickets will be distributed to spectators through a rotating QR code using blockchain technology. Everyone will check in and deactivate their tickets once entering the venue.

Even if these tickets based on blockchain technology are approved by the French authorities, they are able to be used at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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We can see that blockchain is an area of increasing interest and investment, not only for individuals but also for countries.

More information about the upcoming events will be released as fast as possible.
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